Hi! My name is Frank. I am from a sovereign Island country in Southeast Asia, the Philippines. We have about 7,641 islands and I crave to explore each of them. And this blog will be my journal as I wander through each of the Island. Here, is where all my journey be put into writings to document every single details of it. Likewise, a collection of photographs capturing the most astonishing innate beauty of nature. Some say, There are things best kept in memories and I won’t disagree. Nevertheless, I like the idea of taking them down into writings and re-read them all over again and sight those places I have gone so far. There is this significant sense of fulfillment I get to feel every time I read them. Hence, this existed.

The door is wide open for any comments, questions, and suggestions. If you have one or more, please knock on all those and I will be so grateful to read them and learn more from you guys.

Thank you for visiting and hope you’ll ¬†enjoy it.