Boracay Island, Malay Aklan – A Brief yet Remarkable Experience at a 5-Star Hotel

What if you’ve been invited to experience a luxurious stay at one of the 5-star hotels in an Island for free? Would you grab the opportunity or skip it just because you were too timid of the offer?

Our college friend is friends with the Resident Manager in Asya Premier Suites in Boracay. On our third day of stay, we were invited to visit the hotel and experience its atmosphere for a day. At first, I was so hesitant the mere fact that I do not know the person personally. But eventually, my enthusiasm to be of somewhere I could feel the tranquility and be hidden away from the noisy stations of Boracay surfaced..

We were picked up at Casa De La Playa around passed noon, a hotel where we stayed on our first day. The hotel is situated at a great distance from the popular stations of Boracay Island but is still reachable. Just as we approached the reception area, I was already mesmerized by its contemporary design. All these wooden furnitures and sculptures were beautifully breathtaking. The lightings were harmoniously suited with the inside ornaments, creating an environment of comfort, homey, and yet classy.

We walked toward the reception area only to find out a magnificent view behind, the concrete downstairs will make you feel like a king or queen as you go down the aisle . I wonder how vibrant it is at night. This is a place perfectly fitted to exhibit pure relaxation and serenity.

Asya Premier suites I must consider is a hidden paradise. A sanctuary of nature’s beauty and modernity.

The disk-shaped pool situated at the middle will make you swim around all day long 🙂 It is trouble-free as it does not have a strong chlorine smell.

I was captivated by a concrete fish sculpture perfectly positioned at the center of the table bar. The source of yellowish light overhead the table creates a more vibrant effect on the objects.

We had our lunch served at the poolside. We have been served with some of their best sellers, Chorizo Boracay Pizza, Shredded Adobo Pizza, Clubhouse sandwich and some lemon iced tea. My personal instant favorite is Chorizo Boracay Pizza. It is really tasty.

The stairs with candles inside the squared glass at the sides headed to the front beach. Walking down there with all the candles lighted would be so much romantic.

Halfway through the front beach lies a masterpiece. A wooden water buffalo sculpture. I can imagine how much work and patience is required to complete this artwork. Water Buffalo (Carabao) is native to the Philippines. It is well adapted to a hot and humid climate. That’s why to the most farmers, it is a mainstay in farm works. It is his tractable, uncomplaining and reliable ally of myriads of works in the field.

a few meters away is a sloped short stairs concealing a magnificent view. I always have this kind of sentiment that excites me whenever I see stairs upward. I curiously anticipate that something up there wonderful awaits and ready to amaze its audience.

These are the great views closeted behind. The long stretched beach, a portion of Boracay Island, and all the beautiful chaos in sight happening in the middle of the ocean. A perfect hideaway from the in demand congested and rowdy stations of Boracay Island

We wanted to stay a little bit more. But it would be more shameful if we did. So, after we enjoyed almost everything, its amenities, food, and excellent service. All these were beyond satisfactory not because it’s been provided for free, but because it is  their core values.

The personnel are friendly and accommodating. Thanks a ton to the Manager, I won’t mention the name at all since I do not have the permission to do it. He has been so unselfish and gregarious. I had no doubt why he’s been so blessed.


We ended the day with our minds nourished with pure fulfillments and happiness.

We hope to be back soon. Not for free, but as your official paying guests.


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