Masasa Beach, Tingloy Batangas – Beautifully rough shore and a Perfect Sunset View

Masasa Beach is one of the most visited and main attractions in Tingloy Batangas. The island is accessible just by land and sea. You can ride a bus either from Buendia Station or Cubao going to Batangas City Grand Terminal, good thing about this is that the bus leaves after every hour or if the bus’ capacity is already full. Travel time is approximately 2 hours with fare if  P 157.00, I suggest to ride the bus with Calabarzon sign so you may avoid the possible traffic jam in Batangas City. From Batangas City Grand Terminal, take a jeep going to Anilao Port which is about 45 Minutes away and the fare of P 37.00. Once you have reached Anilao Port, register your name and pay Environmental fee of P 30.00 at the Local Tourism Office before embarking the passengers boat. The passengers boat will bring you to Tingly Port which is about 45 Minutes and fare is P 100.00. From the port if Tingloy, you can get a Tricycle that  will drop you off from the start of walk trail going to Masasa Beach, you’ll pass between a green rice fields but of course depending on the season.

Front view from Tingloy Welcome Arch

We arrived at Tingloy Port past noon already, from their we took the tricycle that will bring us to our accommodation which is the Mayor’s House. When we approached a woman which turns out to be one of the helpers, she directed us to another woman seated inside the large cottage which is the Mayor’s wife. She asked my name and I was asked if we had made a reservation prior because it seemed like she was not expecting us at all. I then showed our text conversations proving that our accommodation has been confirmed by her. Eventually, she then gently assumed that she might have unintentionally neglected the reservations due to confusion. It was never an issue at all because the Mayor’s wife was indeed accommodating and she even served as meal first while the room alternatively provided to us was being cleaned. I guess, this is how they normally welcome their guests based from my observations. They let their guests have meal first for free before proceeding to the room. 

Tingloy Port where you can ride tricycle going to Masasa Beach

We had a fan room rented for P300.00/head. The guesthouse has a shared comfort room and a kitchen with complete utensils you can use for free if you plan to cook your own food. The place is clean enough and maintained since the Mayor’s wife has helpers to ensure its cleanliness.  However, if you want to utilize your time, one of the helpers can cook your food provided that all ingredients are readily available. In return of her service, if you are generous enough then you can give her money in any reasonable value. 

Long stretch of rocky shoreline leading to Masasa Beach

After we had rested ourselves, we decided to have a short stroll along the Masasa Beach wherein situated not too far away from the house. Going to Masasa Beach, We had to walk along a craggy shore so make sure you have enough protection for your feet. Along the way, we noticed some spots are worth taking the pictures. The rock formations and mountains up ahead the beach front are perfect backgrounds for your Facebook and Instagram posts.


When we reached the beach, It’s a bit congested and not so pleasant to stay. And what merely caught my attention were the litters being thrown in various random directions. I suddenly remembered the Mayor’s wife encouraging us to be responsible and disciplined enough for they are trying to maintain the cleanliness of the beach. However, as far as what my perception is concerned, the beach is not maintained nor monitored for there are visible traces of trashes being left by previous visitors. 

We’ve also been informed that the tents should be dismantled by 6:00 PM for this has been strictly implemented by the local government to avoid possible illegal activities. The night patrols have caught some visitors doing such activity few months ago, Mayor’s wife claimed. This is once again in contradiction to what we have perceived the night after because there were still night campers in some areas. Of course it does not bother us, it’s just that if something has been strictly implemented, then it should be ensured that everyone are bound to do so.

Sunset View from the Guest’s House (Mayor Alvarez)

This is a perfect sunset view from the guest house’s veranda. The scene bestows quite of a romantic ambiance as it sets down below the horizon and transforms everything ahead to beautiful silhouettes. Just by watching its mysterious beauty, all my sudden disappointments of the beach were wiped off and replaced by just pure appreciation of what the nature has to offer. I have come to realize that indeed, there is a hidden wonder in everything under the sun, remarkably when the sun starts to disappear and daylight fades.

Marina Cave (One of the locations from ABS-CBN Fantaserye “Marina”

This is the Marina Cave. You might be wondering if this is a given official name geographically. As a matter of fact, It’s not. Locals dubbed the place as such only because the cave was known for its significant contribution when the Fantaserye from ABS-CBN “Marina” was taking place. Admittingly, I was watching the program until the very end. At the first glance, I did not recognize the place as it was way years ago when the TV Program existed. Afterwards, while looking into it, I suddenly remembered and visualized the program’s characters such as “Dugong”, “Dikya”, and “Marina” herself. The second cave on the right is the one inhabited by bats, so it’s kinda stinky and at the same time creepy- I just find bat noises so disturbing and hair-raising. But if you’re into it, you can go ahead and infiltrate the cave- Just make sure to bring some source of light, if your cellphone is good enough to throw some light, that would do already.

This is the view in front of the Marina Cave facing an expanse of sea away from the land

The front view from the Marina Cove. The ocean is as calm as it looks like and the water is just stunningly translucent that it makes everything beneath it perceptible. A perfect spot for swimming, but make sure you’ve got protection for your feet as the rocks beneath are extremely sharp. Those limpets attached to the rock’s surface are sharp enough to cut off your skin. This photo was taken early in the morning so the radiance of its photo is obviously poor. Nevertheless, its beauty alone without much sunlight is substantial enough to satisfy my impulsiveness to travel.

This is the view on the other side of Marina Cave going to Sombrero Island and to A Private Resort.

The Lagoon is part of the Island Hopping Package. However, from Masasa Beach, it will just take you about few minutes walk since there is already a trail leading directly to it. The lagoon was so crowded even from afar so I decided not to go there. It was weekend so it was expected that there will be no less visitors at all. But if you’re still up to experiencing the Lagoon or at least take photo of it, then feel free to stretch your feet forward. Our boat passes through the Lagoon so it’s safe to say that it was pretty amazing despite of its crowdedness.

This is an extension shoreline from the Lagoon advisable for snorkeling because of the wide array of corals.

After we had our Island Hopping, we immediately took a shower and prepared everything so we can catch the passengers boat waiting in front of the house. By the way, In front of the Mayor’s house near the beach is where some passengers boat are docked, you basically have to list your name first before you can embark and it leaves once it’s fully occupied. In the event that you’re not able to catch the passengers boat, there are still many of them waiting at Tingloy Port, you just have to take a tricycle that would bring you at the Port. 

Budget Breakdown

To Batangas City Terminal

Pasay Terminal- Batangas City Terminal : P157.00/Person

Batangas City Terminal-Anilao Port: P37.00/Person

Anilao Port – Tingloy Port: P100.00/Person

To Manila

Tingloy (In front of Mayor’s House)- Anilao Port: P200.00/Person

Anilao Port – Batangas City Terminal: P40.00/Person

Batangas City Terminal – Buendia Terminal : P157.00/Person

Total Transportation: P691.00/Person


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